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10 Fascinating Destinations in Lombok Island

10 Fascinating Destinations in Lombok Island

Where to go when you are visiting Lombok Island?

Lombok may be less famous than its neighbouring island, Bali, but its beauty is unquestionable. While there are millions of people visiting Bali each year, Lombok Island is practically untouched, considering that it is not visited by as many tourists as Bali does. With the mass of unknown tourism here in Lombok, it is the perfect getaway for those who enjoy solitude and want to visit a practically pristine beauty of tropical nature.

This island offers plenty of attractions for you to explore, from isolated stunning beaches, fantastic nature, delicious food, and even interesting people and their culture. Therefore, don’t hesitate to pack your bags and plan your trip to this little paradise in Indonesia. Once you arrive here, these are some of the best fascinating destinations you should visit.

1. Mount Rinjani

If you love mountain hiking, definitely pay Mount Rinjani a visit when you are in Lombok Island. It is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia and is a protected National Park. Tourists can visit this mount and trekking to the rim, visiting the caldera, or even climbing to the highest spot and watching the stunning view of Lombok from above.

When you climb this wonderful mountain, you will not only be welcomed by the wonderful mountain view but also enjoying the great view of crater lake known as the Segara Anak with its stunning blue colour. The traditional Sasak tribe of Lombok considered the mount and lake as sacred and they occasionally hold religious activities in these two areas.

Prepare yourself mentally and physically before the climb since Mount Rinjani is known for its challenging climb. Especially since climbing a mountain also means that you have to bring your own bag, which is extra 5-10kg of burdens on your back. Despite the struggle, however, the views at the top are unrivalled and worth every effort you take to get there.

2. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

Mangku Sakti Waterfall is a pristine and untouched beauty beyond Rinjani Mountain. It is located to the north of the mountain and is an impenetrable area with very few inhabitants living nearby. This hidden paradise is forgotten by many an only a few tourists visiting daily despite its magnificent view.

The waterfall is a perfect mix of forested hills and stony rivers which leads to the Mangku Sakti Waterfall. The waterfalls offer a stunning view of 20 meters high of a stone cliff with turquoise water that falls impressively. The sulfuric waters flow all the way from Segara Anak, and the lush jungle surrounding the rivers create an unrivalled serene atmosphere.

To reach the waterfall, you will have to ride through 2 hours of beaten roads and bumpy roads along the way. While the roads are challenging, the view along the way is as beautiful. Upon arriving at the entrance, you still have to walk for about 1 kilometer and climbing up and down huge stones that made up the river walls. While it is definitely a struggle to reach, it still worth all the effort.

3. Gili Kondo

Senggigi and Gili Trawangan are two of the most famous beaches in Lombok Island, which makes them quite crowded. If you want to enjoy the beach and dive under the sea in a calm and quiet atmosphere, then Gili Kondo is the answer. It is a remote island off the east coast of Lombok. This is where you should go to enjoy a private vacation on clean white sand and crystal clear seawater.

From this tiny island, you will not only be spoiled with the beautiful views of the beach and vast ocean, but also a captivating hill and even a glimpse of Mount Rinjani from afar. While the upper landscape is magnificent, the underwater views are even more astounding.

Considering that it is a remote and quiet island, you can see how the coral formations are still largely undisturbed with variety of fish other marine lives swimming freely down here. Diving here is the best experience, as you can see up close and personal various marine lives such as clownfish, moray eel, sea urchins, nudibranch, and many more.

This island is deserted and there is only one tiny cottage on the beach. You will not find other tourist-related facilities like restaurants or bar. You cannot even find a small food stall here, so, make sure to bring your own snack, but remember to take the trash with you.

4. Semeti Beach

Photographers will love this beach as Semeti beach offers a dramatic view loved by everyone. The beach is filled with stunning formations of rocks scattered around the beach and even in the middle of the sea, creating a view similar to those of Krypton Planet, the homeland of Superman. Therefore, people even popularly call this beach as Krypton Beach.

Located in Central Lombok, this beach is only a few kilometers away from Selong Belanak beach which is one of the most popular beaches in Lombok. Despite its proximity, Semeti Beach is still hardly visited, making it a great destination if you enjoy a quiet beach atmosphere.

However, be prepared that the road to this wonderful destination is a mostly bumpy dirt road, and it will be worse during the rainy season. However, the efforts you take will be paid with the wonderful view you get once you arrive here. Climb the rocks nearby to get a full view of the shores, but remember to wear comfortable and well-covered shoes as the paths can be rough.

5. Mawun Beach

Another wonderful beach you should not miss when you are visiting Lombok, Mawun Beach. It is a secluded beach on the west of Kuta beach Lombok. Similar to Tanjung Aan, Mawun Beach also offers soft white sand and turquoise water. However, it is mostly deserted as it is still relatively unknown to many people.

Despite not very famous as a tourist destination, it is relatively easy to visit this beauty. You can easily reach this beach with a scooter and enjoy your time relaxing on the pristine beach surrounded by lush hills.

6. Nambung Beach

A waterfall is usually located at the highlands, where freshwater flows to the river below. In Nambung beach, however, you can find a unique salty waterfall flows right next to a beach. This unique phenomenon makes this waterfall popular among tourists visiting Lombok Island.

The ‘waterfall’ is actually a large wave crashing the cliff rocks that flow back into the ocean. This crashing of waves creates waterfall effects which this beach is famous for. Aside from this waterfall, you will also see a huge lagoon with crystal clear water right under the rock, which creates a perfect place to dip in for a while. Then, you will also be spoiled with the shores and its big waves, perfect for surfing.

Nambung beach is a perfect colour combination of turquoise seawater, brown sandy coasts, and lush green hills, which is definitely a feast for the eyes. Although it is getting popular, it is still largely untouched by tourism. Therefore, you will not find any surfing boards to hire or even public restroom around the area.

This beach is easy to reach from Mataram and take less than three hours of driving with a private car. There is no public transportation that can take you to the beach, so your best bet is to rent a car to visit this beautiful beach.

7. Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan is known for its incredibly soft, white sand and turquoise seawater. There is also a huge rock to climb where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Tanjung Aan from above. Looking from afar, this beach looks more like a vast private pool than a beach due to the surrounding hills, making it a unique and stunning scenery.

This stunning view is the very reasons why tourists enjoy this place, and it is also relatively untouched too. However, it may not be ‘untouched’ anymore for too long since a lot of people have started to hear about this place. The long beach stretches and calming atmosphere makes this place perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, or simply relaxing by the beach.

You can find tourist-related facilities here such as food stalls and even souvenir stalls. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about being hungry while enjoying your time here.

The beach is around 62km from Mataram and 24km from Lombok International Airport. It is easily accessible with smooth roads all the way to the beach.

8. Pergasingan Hills

If climbing to the summit of Mount Rinjani is too much for your physical fitness, the foothills below the volcano also offer just as wonderful views. The Pergasingan hill in Sembalun village is the perfect spot to enjoy the scenic nature over Lombok and Rinjani with only 600 meters of trekking into the hill.

From the top of the hills, you will be spoiled with the beautiful view of vast rice fields, creating a magnificent nature carpet view. There will be also a beautiful landscape of hills as far as you can see, with bird’s eye view to the majestic Mount Rinjani, which creates a wonderful view of sunrise. In this hill, you can also enjoy the view by paragliding over the highland, which is a fascinating and exciting experience.

This hill is a great alternative spot to view Lombok Island from above and as a soft hike as well as practice climb before you hike the real Mount Rinjani. It takes 4 hours of the easy trail to go to this hill from Sembalun.

9. Tanjung Poki

There is an exotic bay at Lombok Island called Tanjung Poki, which offers an exotic view of rocky cliffs right next to a vast ocean. In this bay, the waves crash violently to the narrow and curvy cliff formation, creating a magnificent 10 meters high of blowhole effect. This ferocious splash of water might remind you to a serious tsunami, so make sure to not get yourself too close to the wave as there will always chance to get swept away by it.

You don’t have to get too close to the curvy cliff to get a beautiful and dramatic view. The distant view of Tanjung Poki is as wonderful and awe-inspiring. So, keep yourself safe by enjoying the view from distant.

This beauty, however, is not really easy to reach since it is located at the beaten track in the southeastern tip of the island. It is unreachable by car, so you will need to trek down for several meters before arriving right at the edge of the cliff. Therefore, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as you adventuring to this place.

10. Bangkang Cave

Last but not least is the Bangkang Cave, a majestic limestone cave located near the Kuta Beach in Lombok Island. The rocky formation of this cave resembles those in Indiana Jones movie. The naturally carved wall, the rocky floor, and stalactite and stalagmite formation with huge karst pillars inside create a wonderful scenery.

When the sunshine gets through the holes, you will see the dreamy ray of lights among the dark cave, making a wonderful unrivalled scenery. You will see a lot of bats hanging on the cave ceiling as well, but it is hard to see them since the cave can be completely dark. So make sure that you are not disturbing them. The best time to visit this cave if you are afraid of bats is during the dusk since they wake up and leave the nest for hunting.

The cave is hidden under a hill in Bangkang Village. It is a quiet destination since not many people know about this cave except local peoples only. Although it is hidden, access is relatively easy and only need a few trekking.

Those are some of the best destinations to visit in Lombok Island if you want to enjoy pristine and untouched natural wonders. Some of them are well-hidden areas and might require a lot of effort to get there. It will create an extraordinary adventure to reach them, but the view and experience waiting for you are worth all the effort!

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